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We are a small family run pizza shop with a passion for great pizza. We love the New York thin crust style and
whole-heartedly believe it can only be made fresh, therefore, we we take great pride in making our dough from scratch daily, allowing it to rest and mature overnight before stretching and sheeting for your order.

Our housemade pizza sauce is special because we use quality Stanislaus tomatoes and selected seasoning to bring out the best flavor. We have a unique 3-cheese blend that adds a different dimension to our pies. High quality meats and sausages are used because we believe and know there is a true diffecnce in flavor and consistency. Our produce is brought in fresh and prepared in house daily so we are comfortable knowing our end product is delicious.

We realize you needsome good in your day for all your hard work...we're here to give you a break, so order lunch or dinner from us!

Enjoy Life! Eat Great Pizza!
At RedApronPizzaCo we engage with families and friends on a daily basis. We hear laughter, we see sharing, we witness life, happiness and fun.  

We are not a lrage pizza shop, we like the small intimate setting that allow our guests to feel welcomed and relaxed. Whether dining in or stopping by to pick up a fresh hot pizza, you'll see what we see, delight, neighbors, friends and everyday people taking time to enjoy an all-time favorite food...